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The Mirror of Self in Group Sharing
A Gift from Your Challenges

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Our Inspirators

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Georgette Cressend

Chief Inspirator Officer

Georgette specializes in individual one on one sessions and guided meditations.

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Cary ONeal 


As creator of HeartAscent, Cary participates and leads many of our HeartAscent zoom meetings and leads the organization in daily operations.  


Artemis Samartzi

HeartAscent Meetings Expansion

Artemis is our main organizer of our international meetings and Inspirator leader. 

Discover Our Sessions

-Weekly Ha group Meetings

-Thematical special Meetings 

-Meditation Sessions 

-International gatherings  :


"HA Feel Good Game"

       HeartAscent             Meeting Guide 

I Experience how Each breath Expands my Awareness

Cary ONeal

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